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Daytime Plus Breathable Brief is designed to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The brief is made from the highest quality of material which is not bulky, however, has a high absorbency feature.
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Daytime Plus Breathable Brief is designed to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The brief is made from the highest quality of material which is not bulky, however, has a high absorbency feature. It keeps you dry and spot free and eliminates the chances of any skin allergy as it is hypoallergenic too.

Who could have thought that they will have something to keep them away from all the issues related to incontinence? The issues like leakage, rashes, frequent trips to washrooms, etc. are no more needed if you wear the right incontinence product. Either you have a sitting job or you have to move a lot, Daytime Plus Breathable Brief understands your style of working and offers you the much-needed protection from the leakage. It is a miracle wrapped in small packaging for those who face the problems of incontinence on daily basis.

During day time, if you are working then you need to go to the office else you need to do other chores. Anyhow you can sit idle, hence you need some incontinence product which is easy to wear and handle, stays intact at its place and do not look bulky. These briefs are the perfect match for your needs as they are not bulky even if they are filled with your fluids and are easy to wear due to its stretchy sides.

Now, either you dance or jump or laugh too much, you will not be embarrassed later due to the spot from leakage. You know why? Because Med Diapers has introduced Adult Daytime Plus Collection which will keep you spot free during all the daytime activities and will make it easy for you to work throughout the day without worrying about you incontinence problem. Incontinence is a normal health issue, not a deadly disease and you have to remember that.


  • The briefs are made from extra soft clothing material which offers breathability and comfort.
  • Stays intact throughout the day, due to the re-fastenable tape used on the sides and provides you the perfect fitting you are looking for.
  • You will stay dry even during the days with the heaviest flow as we use the latest Ultra absorbent polymer in our product.
  • The layer of Premium “Blue Core” keeps the moisture away from your skin as efficiently & effectively as you wish.
  • A feeling of comfort and protection will always be there due to the gentle Outer Leg Gather feature.

Days are the hardest part during incontinence as you can’t stop your life from moving forward but also you can’t move forward, so at Med Diapers we worked the issues and brought you the product namely Daytime Plus Breathable Brief which will allow you to enjoy your day as you wish and will let live it in the normal manner. These briefs will make you forget about your problems and you will feel that they don’t exist at all. Life is a precious gift and we want you to live it to the fullest without worrying about anything.


Color White White White White
Waist (inches) 30-48 40-62 40-64 42-68
ABSORBENCY (ML) 1000 1000 1200 1800


Item Number MDS0418-M MDS0418-L MDS0418-XL MDS0418-XXL
Bags/Box 6 of 16 4 of 18 4 of 15 4 of 12
Pcs/Box 96 72 60 48


Item Number MDS0418-MB MDS0418-LB MDS0418-XLB MDS0418-XXLB
Pcs/Bag 16 18 15 12


  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    I have been helping my Dad for a long time now, with his troubles. We went through a lot of products, until we landed up here. Ordering this product was the best thing I did. Priced right and made well, it is surely wonderful!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Being old can be troublesome, but with the help of products like these, everything becomes easier. I vouch by this product as it did not disappoint me and rather surpassed all my expectations.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I was not sure while buying this product as it seemed to good to be true. I have always had a history of buying products that are ridiculously overpriced.

    However, when I use this product, I was ready to recommend it to everyone, So here I am, recommending this product wholeheartedly.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    I am not somebody who would rave about something without any reason. This product demands such praise and hence, I will tell you that buying this product is surely a wonderful idea and you should not think twice before going about it.

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