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Adult Pull-ups Daytime Pants are like the second skin pants which will stay at its place throughout the day to keep you carefree and comfortable in the outside world.
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Adult Pull-ups Daytime Pants are like the second skin pants which will stay at its place throughout the day to keep you carefree and comfortable in the outside world. The ultra-absorbent core material used to prepare these pull-ups keeps you dry and free from any moisture.  No more leakage, spotting, rashes or allergy issues as you have these pants to make your life easier and smoother.

A few years back, nobody has imagined that they will have something like Adult Pull-ups Daytime Pants which will provide aid to their incontinence problems. But now they don’t have to imagine as they have something which is easy to carry without getting conscious about it getting visible or dislocation. This product is under the category of pants because it looks like pants and can be worn in a similar manner. The material used to make these pull-up pants is stretchable (you can wear and pull it off easily), has highly absorbent features and is hypoallergenic, that means no more rashes or allergies for you from now on.

Are you gonna pass this opportunity? I hope not. Most of the people facing incontinence issues are tired of the products which show something and after buying are something else. Not anymore. This is the end from getting conned through fake products, as we sell what we say and show. We know and understand the frustration of a health issue which requires you to run for a washroom after every few minutes. These pull-up pants will prevent that running and will offer those stress-free moments, which you are waiting for so long.



  • Made from highly absorbent material which keeps you fresh throughout the day while you are running around to do the chores.
  • The material used towards the inside of the pants is soft and have a cloth-like texture which keeps your skin away from rashes, etc.
  • The raw material also includes hypoallergenic qualities. Hence no skin allergy for any type of the skin. Be it oily or dry skin it goes well with all of them.
  • Designed in the pants or you can say undergarment style, which makes it easy to wear and keeps it intact and eventually, prevent leakage and spotting.
  • The blue core quality material is also added in the layers of the pants which soak the extra moisture left on your skin.
  • There is a wetness indicator too which will tell you when to change the pull-up.

Any of the material used in these Adult Pull-ups Daytime Pants do not harm the person wearing it or the environment when you through it out. But please make sure to wrap it in a disposable paper before throwing, so that residual contents do not spread in the bin and make unbearable for others. The days of embarrassment and depression are over because you have these pull-up pants to cover you all the time. Now make presentations, play with your kids or whatever you like doing your incontinence problem is not going to come in between.


Color White White White
Waist (inches) 32-44 40-56 44-64
ABSORBENCY (ML) 1000 1200 1400


Item Number MDPUM 0417 MDPUL 0418
Size M L
Bags/Box 6 of 10 6 of 10
Pcs/BOX 60 60


Item Number MDPUM 0417B MDPUL 0418B
Size M L
Pcs/Bag 10 10


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