Washable Liner



Made of a specially designed durable cotton fabric, this product has a protective layer underneath, to help prevent leakage. The extra soft top-layer offers maximum comfort, with a waterproof layer on the backside.

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Product Description


Specially designed durable cotton fabric with protective layer underneath that surely prevent leakage. The top-layer is extra soft for comfort but the backing has waterproof layer.


TOP LAYER: a soft fabric similar to diapers. 80/20 cotton polyester blend. 100% cotton or 100% brushed polyester. This is the fabric the person lays on and so should be comfortable to the touch.

MIDDLE LAYER:  the soaker fabric holds up to four cups of liquid. Large pad (33″ x 34″) holds up to SIX CUPS of liquid.

BOTTOM LAYER: a knit vinyl material that is waterproof and keeps the moisture in the pad (and away from your loved one AND keeps your mattress or furniture dry)  Often this vinyl fabric is made to keep the pad from slipping in the bed


Item Number MBL0419
Size 36×54
Bags/Box 12 of 1
Pcs/Box 12


Item Number MBL0419PC
Size 36×54
Pcs/Bag 1

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