Cancellation Policy

Order Changes, Returns or Cancellations:

As we strive to process orders quickly, there is only a brief period of time during which you may change or cancel an order. All orders are automatically processed on our secure merchant facility and this process incurs irreversible fees. If you should make a mistake when ordering, please contact us immediately and if your order has not yet been dispatched we will try to accommodate your request. Returns may be rejected due to the physical condition of the items received in our warehouse or our vendor’s warehouse.

When returning product that is not defective, damaged, or a Meddiapers shipping error, the following terms and conditions apply

  • Items must be received in unopened cases with original packaging intact
  • Items with “piggyback labels” will not be accepted (these fall into the made to order category)
  • Expired items may not be returned, and (e) Items not in saleable condition due to improper storage, spoilage, or damaged packaging are not returnable. Returns that are not for defect, damage or error will be subject to the following restocking amounts, based on the date of the original invoice: