Adult Diapers- Indeed a Great Help to the Elders Facing Incontinence

I met my grandparents last week. My grandfather is facing urinary incontinence issue and that’s why he doesn’t want to meet anyone anymore. He does not go on morning walk as well because he feels embarrassed, due to his disease. Doctors said that, Incontinence can occur in both men and women at any age, but it is more common in women and senior citizens. Incontinence is more common among senior citizens as it’s a second childhood where extra care [...]

What to do if Your Male Partner is Facing Incontinence Problems?

Women are generally known to share or you can say over share their emotions to the people she loves and care, where on the other hand men are bit on the shy side in this section of the human nature. They are pretty much sensitive in sharing their issues specially the health ones with their partners. So it is the partner’s duty to create that comfort zone where their men can speak their problems regarding the health issues they [...]

Incontinence Products- A ray of hope

Continence is considered to be a natural phenomenon that we as human beings we are expected to cultivate as we grow up, If someone’s body denies to do so , we label them unfit for the society and those are bound to get Isolated and depressed and lose all their hopes from life. A very large population (Around 200 million ! yes you heard me right) are suffering from incontinence and bearing the pain of shame and embarrassment, In America [...]

Symptoms and causes of incontinence in men

We don’t take sides however from certain weeks we are feeling that we always share the information on how female gets affected with the issue of incontinence or which type of incontinence products they can use or what are the options of treatments available from them. So this time we decided to write about men as well. Both the parties face the problem of incontinence or overactive bladder if you say. Here we are going to discuss the symptoms [...]

Does Urinary Incontinence Have to Happen With Old Age?

It is a question which everyone ask and a fact that many people believe in. Few of them build their courage and ask where few of them just leave it on the fate that whether in future they will shop for incontinence products or not. Well let me tell you that it is not the complete truth. The real fact says that although the chances of this happening are high but there is no surety that you will bear [...]

A Page Form My Diary: Incontinence Patient

20th April’14 Hello Diary, I have completed 20 weeks of my pregnancy and my tummy has started peeking from my t-shirt. My doctor told me on my last visit that incontinence is something which I can experience during or after the pregnancy. He said there are chances but there is no surety. But since last week, I am feeling that the urge to urinate has increased. I talked to my husband about and he just shrugged and said we will talk [...]

Things which can impact your Incontinence problem and make it worse

Incontinence is a topic which we normally avoid in our conversation and this is the first mistake on our side. Talking about it shows that it is not much of an issue, hence if somebody in our closed group is facing the same then they can discuss the problem freely. Using incontinence products is normal but people needs to comfortable about the topic as well. Here, are few things which can make your incontinence from bad to worse in [...]

Choosing The Right Incontinence Product to Match Your Needs (Part II)

In our last blog we started the discussion on choosing the right incontinence product to match your needs. There are many facets to the process of choosing the product for oneself. So here we tried to list few of them and where they can be helpful, so that you can make the right decision while making the purchase. Knowledge Don’t think we are getting philosophical here. It is the truth that being aware about your problem is the best product you [...]