A Page Form My Diary: Incontinence Patient

20th April’14 Hello Diary, I have completed 20 weeks of my pregnancy and my tummy has started peeking from my t-shirt. My doctor told me on my last visit that incontinence is something which I can experience during or after the pregnancy. He said there are chances but there is no surety. But since last week, I am feeling that the urge to urinate has increased. I talked to my husband about and he just shrugged and said we will talk [...]

Things which can impact your Incontinence problem and make it worse

Incontinence is a topic which we normally avoid in our conversation and this is the first mistake on our side. Talking about it shows that it is not much of an issue, hence if somebody in our closed group is facing the same then they can discuss the problem freely. Using incontinence products is normal but people needs to comfortable about the topic as well. Here, are few things which can make your incontinence from bad to worse in [...]

Choosing The Right Incontinence Product to Match Your Needs (Part II)

In our last blog we started the discussion on choosing the right incontinence product to match your needs. There are many facets to the process of choosing the product for oneself. So here we tried to list few of them and where they can be helpful, so that you can make the right decision while making the purchase. Knowledge Don’t think we are getting philosophical here. It is the truth that being aware about your problem is the best product you [...]

Choosing the right incontinence product to match your needs (Part I)

Whether anyone accepts it or not, Incontinence is something which most of the people in America or all over the world deal with on daily basis. The reason can be anything, pregnancy or menopause in case of women or prostate cancer treatment along with few other things in case of men. People can buy incontinence products online, however choosing the right one for the right cause is the main dilemma. While choosing the product one has to understand the [...]

How to Diagnose the Urinary Incontinence?

Many people don’t know about the ways of diagnosing the urinary incontinence. They just go through the motions of life and ignore the signals regarding the problem. So here are few pointers which can help you to diagnose about your urinary incontinence. There are numerous products and bed pads for incontinence which can help to avoid the consequence but they are not treatment for the same. So if you can diagnose it then you can cure it. Following are [...]

Adult Diapers – The Product is expected to dominate the US Market

An adult diaper comprises of special material designed for a bit aged group people rather than neonates, and is the most considered product by age groups starting from 25 to 30. These adult diapers are deliberated as highly advantageous for aged group people who are suffering from diseases like incontinence, severe diarrhea, etc. Such diapers resemble child diapers, underpants and pads, quite similar to sanitary napkins and can be easily bought over online shopping. They are specially fashioned for [...]

Causes and Risk Factors Linked to Incontinence

Anyone can face incontinence problem, however, some habits or risk factors linked to urinary incontinence should not be ignored. Incontinence can be handled by buying the right Adult diaper from store. However, as doctors always say, “Precaution is better than cure”. So it will be great if you consider these risk factors and if possible avoid them. Smoking: Anyhow smoking is injuries to health. For a female it has far more side effects than men. But in case of incontinence [...]

Symptoms and Incontinence Products Should Not Be Ignored

In our previous blogs we have already discussed the three main types of incontinence problems faced by the people across the globe. To help in facing the issue many companies have introduced best pull up diapers for adults. Whenever anyone asks that how do you know that you are facing such issues then we answer that we always feel like going to washroom or we can’t control our urine or faeces. Well, guys these are not the symptoms rather [...]